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Bible Prophecy
  Doctrine seems to be given less attention in recent years. Is there any wonder churches focus on what they call relation-style Christianity. Their focus is more horizontal, focusing on each other, than verticle, (on the Lord Jesus Christ). BibleLayout is dedicated to providing sound biblical teaching that is based on a normal hermenutic. The natural reading of the text demonstrates a consistency where independent bible teachers have discovered the same principles and understanding.  

Discipleship Lessons Biblical Introduction Bible Dictionary  
Lesson 01 Revelation   Genesis Matthew Full Document      
Lesson 02 Attributes of God   Exodus Mark        
Lesson 03 God as Ultimate Person   Leviticus Luke        
Lesson 04 Tri-Unity   Numbers John        
Lesson 05 Christ - Pre-Existence   Deuteronomy Acts        
Lesson 06 Christ - Angel of the Lord   Joshua Romans        
Lesson 07 Christ - Kenosis and Hypostatic Union   Judges 1 Corinthians        
Lesson 08 Christ - Deity   Ruth 2 Corinthians        
      1 Samuel Galatians        
      2 Samuel Ephesians        
      1 Kings Philippians        
      2 Kings Colossians        
      1 Chronicles 1 Thessalonians        
      2 Chronicles 2 Thessalonians        
      Ezra 1 Timothy        
      Nehemiah 2 Timothy        
      Esther Titus        
      Job Philemon        
      Psalms Hebrews        
      Proverbs James        
      Ecclesiastes 1 Peter        
      Song of Solomon 2 Peter        
      Isaiah 1 John        
      Jeremiah 2 John        
      Lamentations 3 John        
      Ezekiel Jude        
      Daniel Revelation        
In short, the key words for this site's beliefs are: Verbally Inspired Scriptures; Tri-Unity God; Deity of Jesus Christ;
Salvation by Grace through faith in Christ alone; Dispensational, Pre-Millennial Return of Christ; Heaven for Believers, and Hell for the Lost.